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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 23, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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en la quield the ready for you alerield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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to communicate to residents what had happened so they feel
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safe. >> police have not said if the shooting was connected in anyway to a pair of hit and runs that injured three people not far away. the driver and the passengers were arrested. and an unusual summer storm put on quite a show overnight. take a look at this lightning. it lit up the sky near the giants ballpark in san francisco. the oakland coliseum was actually het by lightning. the strike brought down power lines. in the north bay lightning struck a redwood in kentfield causing the tree to really explode as you can see there and splitting it into splipters. the -- splinters. it knocked out electricity there as well. people in the neighborhood say it sounded like a bomb. here is a eleven look from ourmg exploratorium camera along embarcad the embarcadero. so far no lightning tonight. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here watching live doppler 7hd. sandhya, any repeats coming? >> no, dan, we are not expecting a repeat. no reruns tomorrow morning.
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looking at live doppler 7hd we have a much more stable air mass in place. as we take you back in time it was not the case. this morning you may have been woken up by the clap of thunder and the lightning strikes developed. and we did see some measurable rain across parts of the bay area. we are going to see drops tomorrow morning, but of a different variety. it is going to be spotty drizzle. i will be back with a look at that and some heat that is coming our way. we will lose the humidity. all of the details straight ahead. dan? because of the on going drought, santa clara county is hiring water enforcers and water cops to help encourage less water use. the santa clara valley water district hired 10 people to patrol the district. they are not going to hand out fines. instead they are going to visit homes or businesses of offenders and use more of an educational approach, friendly persuasion. it will cost the district a half million dollars.
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a big fire destroyed a home in marin county. you can see a downed power line arcing behind the house in mill valley. there it goes. look at the top of your screen and you can see it. the flames continue to devour that home. dangerous sparks made it hard for crews to get close to the fire. no one was home. the cause is still under investigation, but the damage as you can see is terrible. daly city police are asking for help tracking down these two women. police say 29-year-old augustine herrera and leilani cane were involved in a home invasion and robbery that left a man badly injured. police believe these women may be staying in san francisco's sunnydale or bay view >> a man pretending to be a park ranger and he confronted
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them false information in the open space. he took a photo of two women in one and in the other he allegedly kicked a dog. the man is in his 40swith salt and pepper hair and he was seen riding a mountain bike. it is a bit strange. an entire city swallowed up. coming up next, the natural phenomen large it so large it ss up on radar. but this is not a storm. we have the story and are you worried about getting enough sleep? maybe you should be asking yourself are you getting too much sleep? is your rest time actually putting your health at risk? and a local mystery man who bought hundreds of dollars of groceries for strangers now comes forward. new details that make the story even more amazing. >> here is a quick preview of what we are up to tonight. >> this is the perfect gift for babies. >> this is the perfect gift
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concern about chevron's plans to upgrade the refinery enrich meant was very clear tonight. a fiewj crowdrned -- a turned -e crowd turned out to lobby for and against the modernization project. cornell bernard with both sides. >> thousands of people packed into the auditorium, many holding signs. a last chance to comment about chevron's $1 billion plan to modernize its aging refinery. >> our position is that modernization refinery
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must make the refinery operations themselves cleaner and not dirtier. >> chevron has listened and reversed its previous position. agreeing to a lower cap and limiting the high sulfur oil through the upgrade. >> the modernization project includes a safety plan that is more stringent than regulations and there is more reporting and more transparency about operations. >> i am a proud chevron richmond employee for the last 14 years. >> many speakers work at the refinery, but they live in richmond too. they support the plan that will bring more than a thousand new jobs. >> and we can try to capture this economic opportunity which will lessen the disparity of our community. >> environmental activists want to see the plant do more like replacing aging oil pipes. >> how do we make sure to
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replace all of the old pipes that are processing oil at very high temperatures. you know it could potentially corrode. we don't want to see another explosion like what happened in august of 2012. >> the accident sent shock waves through the community. now they are agreeing to give back. a final vote on the plan happens on july 29th. in richmond, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a scene that will make your skin crawl is playing out in wisconsin right now. every year millions of may flies hatch along the mighty mississippi river. this year the swarm is so large that the national weather service actually picked it up on radar. look at this. the good news, the flies only live for a couple days at most. the bad news, now there will be millions of dead may flies laying around to clean up. it may be time to rethink your sleep schedule. they suggest seven rather than eight hours of sleep per night may be ideal.
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several studies link seven hours of sleep with fewer deaths and better brain and body function. studies show sleeping more than seven hours can be dangerous and often contributing to diabetes, obesity and heart disease. a mystery man who spent more than $800 on groceries for strangers is talking about it for the first time. 33-year-old michael simas has come forward as the good samaritan. earlier this month he walked into a grocery outlet in concord as we reported and offered to pay for other people's groceries. simas told the san jose mercury news that he was just laid off and he wanted to do something that turned his bad day into a good one. it worked. he said using his final paycheck to help others made him feel much better. wasn't that a great gesture? abc7 is helping a bay area community build a great space for families. we would love to get you involved. concordia park in oakland will soon be home to a brand-new
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playground. crews decided to replace the old space that has become do dilapidated over the years. they will put in a dream playground that is safer and much more fun for kids. the work is going to take just one day on august 8th. we cannot wait to show you the result. we are all going to be out there with shovels and hammers and whatever it takes to get the job done. we are looking forward to it. let's go back and talk about the forecast and meteorologist sandhya patel is here. still watching live doppler 7hd. no more rain, sandhya. >> no, you are right. we are expecting drizzle instead which is typical for july. here is live doppler 7hd. low clouds are filling in along the coast and into livermore. already seeing cloudy skies in napa. now, earlier tonight we saw some clouds. these nice variety clouds are not what we typically see. it was leftover moisture heating from the sun from the south beach camera. it made for a beautiful time lapse. those clouds have been replaced by our marine layer
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and looking from our kgo roof cam. the temperatures are in the 60s right now. it is still close to 70 in oakland and 65 san francisco and san jose is very mild and half moon bay 64 degrees. the numbers are not dropping much. we are looking back toward the west. gray skies there. the temperatures are in the low mid60s from santa rosa to fairfield and livermore. here is a view. fog is not an issue here, but we will see low clouds in the morning and patchy drizzle. allow extra time for the morning commute. sunny for the afternoon. not as humid. and it will be heating up thursday through saturday. here is a look at the satellite and radar. the subtropical moisture that brought us the showers and the thunder, it is gone. now you can remember that with that subtropical moisture moving out, the humidity is actually going to come down. tomorrow morning is still a little on the muggy side, but it goes away by tomorrow afternoon. by midnight we are looking at patchy drizzle. 4:00 a.m. for the commute. for those who commute very early, a dry northwesterly wind flow will prevail which
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means clearing skies and sunshine for your wednesday afternoon. and not as sticky as it has been. that area of low pressure will also be lifting off to the east. high pressure and a hot air mass expands west, and we will see some real summer like heat that we haven't seen in awhile. tomorrow morning mild, upper 50s to low 60s. some of the temperatures will be muggy as well for the morning hours. for the afternoon a dryer air mass. low to mid80s inland. pretty warm. 70s around the bay. 60s coast side. 69 in san francisco and 79 in santa rosa and 73 oakland and 82 livermore and san jose is 79 degrees. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring summer heat without the humidity. midto upper 90s as we head toward thursday through the weekend. it is beach weather. upper 60s to the low 70s along the coast. and one more note, dan, monterey bay boui had the highest reading ever. it was 67 degrees. and that was the highest ever.
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>> ever? >> ever. >> so, you know. >> mark this date on our calendar. thanks, sandhya. larry is here. i think the giants are still playing, is that correct? >> the giants game ended not long ago and the a's just went final. we are talking about 26 innings of baseball. extra, extra. giants and a's go extra innings. the giants ended with a five-hour 46-minute
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marathon. 14 innings, five hours and 46 minutes. even the phillie phanatic was wondering, do we get overtime pay? the giants have so many injuries you wouldn't have pablo sandoval doing a face plant. this would put another crack in the liberty bell. 450 feet. a solo blast 3-2 giants. in for the injured matt cain and he went five innings. that's a two-run homer in the fifth. it is 4-3 phils. he hadn't given up a homer all year and trying to close out a 5-four game. buster posey said no. we are tied at five. posey is 11th. on and on and on. dad, is it ever going to end? top of 14 and bases loaded for brandon crawford. he unloads and everybody scores. timmy lynn lincecum came to get the final out. a's and astros.
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it is supposed to be a cuban saw bar and somebody failed art class. he struck out six and he was there on a swing and a miss. 2-2 in the 12th. 3-2 astros and that is your final in 12. how about the rangers and the yankees? they went 14 innings. chase headily just trade fretted padres to new york and arrived in the middle of the game and got an at bat in the 14th and it is a walkoff to win it. in the bronks yankees win it. the raiders opening up training camp and is dj hayden ready to go or is the ♪watching everybody eating
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raiders are opening training camp. he has a foot injury suffered in ota's this spring. if there is anybody that needs a full training camp it was hey -- hayden. he needed surgery to save his life. he missed eight games in the regular season with a groin injury. the raiders really need a former first round pick to start making an impact on the field. tony dungy released a statement clarifying his remarks about michael sam, the former nfl coach shocking people saying he would not have drafted sam because of the distraction his presence will cause. sam does deserve a chance to be in the nfl and the rookie is trying to make the ram's roster as the first openly gay player in the league and responded. >> thank god he wasn't the st. louis rams' coach. but i have a great respect for cope dungy.
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the airport but landed in a nearby neighborhood, destroying a house. former mayor -- former new york mayor bloomberg, one of the wealthiest men in the world, got on an el al flight to tel aviv last night, saying he wanted to show solidarity with israel and show it is safe to fly there. another big legal battle after two contradictory rulings one issued one after another by federal appeals court. one court questioned state
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subsidy is helping millions pay their obamacare premiums were legal. another appeals court said those subsidies were legal. policyholders should expect no change in coverage while the legal fight is decided. now to a major security breach at one of new york's most recognizable landmarks. police in new york are promising a full investigation after white flags appeared on the brooklyn bridge. >> reporter: an eerie sight flying high above the brooklyn bridge, two white flags in place of the american flags typically hoisted above these iconic towers. the ability to pull off a stunt on this scale is as troubling as it is mysterious. >> there's some indication of some good deal of preoperational planning. >> reporter: the bridge sweeps over new york's east river, spanning more than a mile. the towers standing 276 feet tall. the cables holding it all together, 16 inches in diameter. each comprised of more than 5,000 galvanized steel wires. the stars and stripes normally fly around the clock, but take a
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look at this earth cam footage at 3:30 the waving american flag suddenly disappears. watch again. that light seems to go out. police saying these aluminum pans were used to cover the bridge lights. those white flags actually old glory bleached white. as workers scale the bridge, taking down these symbols of surrender, police reviewed surveillance tape showing four to five people crossing the bridge about 20 minutes before the flags came down. >> they're telling you that your security is not effective. what more of a telltale sign do you need to show you that you're not doing a good job? >> reporter: this landmark considered since a high profile terrorist target is under 24-hour police surveillance. just in this area alone at the entrance of the bridge, a span of about 20 yards, count them, one, two, three, security cameras and then a sign alerting you to their presence. the nypd promising a full probe. even as specially trained
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workers hoisted american flags once again. those american flags are back up. police are saying they think whoever is responsible likely had training in construction or climbing, but they do not believe that this was an act of terrorism. they're even saying this may have been one elaborate art project. still a mystery. linsey davis, abc news, new york. police in oklahoma say they've identified everyone involved in a video showing an alleged shoplifting. it was taken on a camera phone. in the parking lot of walmart. the man is captured taking items from a shopping cart and putting them in an suv. the guy taking the video accuses him of shoplifting but the suspect denies that. the investigation continues. concerns over possible listeria contamination triggered a nationwide fruit recall. it includes some peaches, nectarines and plums shipped june 1st to july 12th mostly to costco and trader joe's. the company behind the recall
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says it is precautionary and voluntary, emphasizing no illnesses have been reported. chrysler is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars with faulty ignitions addressing a similar defect as general motors. nearly 800,000 jeeps made from 2005 to 2007 are being recalled. the ignitions could disengage, shut off the engine and disable the air bags. chrysler is notifying owners. of grand cherokees. engineers are working on a fix. apple posted third quarter earnings just under $8 billion. unbelievable. the biggest gains in nearly two years in part due to cost-cutting and strong sales for iphones and computers. but overallings sales grew by less than 6%. a bit below wall street's expectations. analysts say that could be due to customers waiting for the release of the iphone 6. it's expected to go on sale in late september. >> incredible this happened before the release of the iphone 6 and the rumor mill is in full swing on the iphone 6. allegedly, allegedly, there are
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going to be two different iphones. one with a 4.7-inch screen, bigger than the 4-inch screen, and another one with 5.5-inch screen. steve jobs for years said he would not have a bigger screen. they wanted to keep it uniform but maybe there is a changing of the guard. >> and smartwatch likely to be released called the itime. if that's true, it would be the first device they've released since steve jobs died in 2011. this is under the new ceo tim cook. >> could be a big year for apple. seems like already a big year for apple. moving on. it wouldn't be summer without the big state fairs. and today one opens in columbus, ohio. what would it be without traditional sculptures made of butter? the stars of the show in columbus are scarlet and grace, a cow and calf. >> there are other butter carvings as well, all particular to ohio, including the white-tailed deer, spotted salamander, of course. two sculptors created them using 2,000 pounds of butter. >> that's pretty incredible.
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have i to say, what happens when it gets too hot and they melt? >> i thought the same thing but it looks like encased, so i'm guessing it's refrigerated. >> i feel a lot of people at restaurants are discriminated when you put butter on your bread. do you have this problem? i like a little butter on my roll and people look at you like, oh, are you going to eat that? >> boy, that's inappropriate. butter on bread, is that what they do? >> why do people discriminate now? >> are you sure this isn't in your head? >> no, it is true. see if you get a little. put butter on your bread, see if you get a little -- >> insomniacs out there, do the same thing. see if that is happening to you. coming up in "the mix," the unhappiest cities in america. does your hometown frown? later, it used to be part of the breakfast of champions -- orange juice. the bitter news about one of america's most iconic beverages. you are watching "world news now." ♪ we want our juice box
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